Learn How To Rig A Wacky Worm Using Bait Buttons



Wacky Worm Rig Set Up 

The wacky rig is one of the most popular ways to rig a rubber worm. The hook is placed in the center of the worm causing the worm to sag evenly on both sides. The hook can also be placed off-center to allow a different action to the worm.

The biggest problem with rigging wacky worms this way is they get torn up quickly and it is difficult to place the worm at different desired locations on the hook. But the Bait Button can help solve these problems.

Place a Bait Button on your hook of choice and then place your worm on the hook wacky style. Follow this up with another Bait Button. Now your wacky worm is sandwiched between two Bait Buttons and is locked on your hook.

The added benefit is you can slide the worm up and down the hook to any desired location. You can now make cast after cast with the wacky worm staying in place. It will also allow your baits to last longer catching multiple fish with the same wacky worm and saving you money.



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