How To Use Bait Buttons to Fish With Live Minnow's with Captain Manuel

How To Fish With Live Minnows & Bait Buttons:


STEP 1: Slide the first bait button onto the hook and up and around the curve of the hook.


This is a great technique for preventing minnows from sliding up onto your line while you are fishing. 

STEP 2: Take the live minnow and slide the hook through the bottom of the jaw up through the nose. 

STEP 3: Now it is time to apply another bait button onto the hook. Push the button past the barb and to the first curve of the hook. 

Now your set! 

The buttons will help secure the bait in place and help protect the bait during casting. 

Now it’s your turn, grab a line and some bait buttons and give it a cast!


Barbless Fishing bait
Bait the hook with Bait buttons
Bait Presentation with live bait

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